'Bride Song' Book
by Christine Maybank

Publisher: Besorah
Price: £10.00 plus £2 postage & packing within the UK
Format:40 Pages, Paperback, A4 Landscape


Bride Song is a series of twelve biblical meditations based on the Song of Songs alongside Christine's montage pictures and script. Each meditation stands on its own as well as being an integral part of the whole.

Christine writes; "As the series unfolded to me it became apparent that the message of the Song of Songs is more than a celebration of the love between a man and a woman. The images and ideas began to cross-reference naturally across different books of the whole Bible; both Old and New Testaments, the Scriptures as a whole, and I was able to see a little more of the heart and mind of the Heavenly Bridegroom than before."

Picture montages:-

  • Bride
  • Tree
  • Spring
  • Dove and Deer
  • Fig
  • North and South Wind
  • I Slept
  • Holocaust to Hope
  • Gold
  • Reconciled
  • Strong as Death
  • Wedding Feast

Topical background paragraphs on; the High Priest, the High Priest's Breastplate, The Gem Stones, Bridal Verses, The Bride Price, The Heavenly City.