Bride Song Journal and DVD bundle
by Christine Maybank

Publisher: Besorah
Price: £12.00 plus £2.50 postage & packing within the UK


An A4 journal with Bible meditations and accompanying DVD of Songs and pictures. The pictures in the DVD are from the original Bride Song book.

Christine writes:

"The Bridegroom is Jesus in this meditation on the Song of Songs, the Bride could be you or me, or a whole people group or nation ... all different, and all beloved by the Creator God, ... for the song of Songs can be seen as God the Father's love song for all of Creation, for you and for me. Won't you walk through the Bible, this journal in hand, and discover the hidden treasures of love that He has for you...

Christine, March 2018.

The journal includes blank pages for you to write your own thoughts and there is a card with the lyrics to the songs on the DVD, The 12 songs are written and performed by Gill Hayward and Steve Thompson, and additional writing from Sue Aldridge. They are in an easy listening style, professionally produced. Song titles include: Let the Season of Hope Break in, Like a Drop of Rain, Redemption Dance, Prayer of Blessing and Cover Me.


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