'Land Song' Book
by Christine Maybank

Publisher: Besorah
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A4 landscape book of beautiful artwork, with sketches, drawings and paintings from Christine's travel journals in the Land of the Bible. She includes Bible readings, poems and Bible meditations which connect with the location in the picture.

Christine writes in her introduction; "Israel is a unique land with a unique story. The reasons for this are contained in the whole Bible, beginning to end. This little book of hope is for those who want to come and drink of the water of life that Messiah Jesus speaks of in the Gospels. It is for those who long for their wilderness lives to become gardens of beauty and refreshment; for those who long for true peace true freedom and joy: 'a future and a hope.' (Jeremiah 29:10-14)

The Chapter titles:

  • Waterfalls at the Banias
  • Yiftah and Kedesh in Naphtali, Pesach
  • Mount Tabor and the Valley of Jezreel
  • The Sea of Galilee at Shavuot
  • En Kerem
  • Yad Vashem
  • Healing Waters
  • Judean Wilderness
  • The Long Climb Up
  • Valley of the 23rd Psalm
  • The Valley of Achor
  • Protection in the Valley
  • Dead Sea at Sukkot/Tabernacles
  • En Gedi: Water in the Wilderness
  • Masada Songs
  • Post Script: Joy

30 Pages, Paperback, A4 Landscape


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