The White Sheep
by R. K Bamber

A Story Revealing Jesus In the Biblical Feasts

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Publisher: In Time With God Publications
Format: Paperback
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When Iona loses her inheritance, she finds herself embarking on a journey to discover an inheritance which can never be lost. A surprise meeting with the Great Shepherd begins an adventure in which the mystery of The White Sheep is radually revealed. Tragedy turns to hope, and tears to joy, as The White Sheep is discovered to hold the key for not only her own restoration, but that of the Glorious Land and the entire earth.

Within the story is a parable, where Jesus is portrayed as 'The White Sheep'. The book can be enjoyed simply as a story. Or for readers familiar with my previous book, In Time With God, it will have an added dimension. The story line portrays the Biblical Hebrew Calendar. Hidden within the pages are the seven Biblical Feasts. Features of the story and the sequence of events, point to the deeper meanings of the Seven Feasts of the Bible. The Spring Feasts point to the first coming of the Messiah, and the Autumn Feasts point to the End Times, and the second coming of Jesus.
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