I first toured Israel in 1994, and the Israeli tour guide had an old 'block calendar' with a page to tear off for each day. He gave every member of the tour group a page from the calendar, bearing their birthday on the 'Gregorian Calendar' and the equivalent date on the Jewish, Biblical Calendar. Suddenly I realised that the months and days spoken of in the Bible, so foreign to an English Gentile, are actually used by the Jewish people around the world to keep the Biblical Feasts, and are kept in the modern State of Israel. Up until that point I had only understood the Biblical Calendar through the pages of the Bible, and through reading the Lion Handbook to the Bible.

In 2003 I went to be a volunteer at Christ Church Guest House in Jerusalem. I was living in the Old City of Jerusalem and I became intensely aware of the different rhythms and seasons of the Jewish people around me as they observed Shabbat (the Sabbath) and the Feasts of the Bible. By 2006 I had 'conceived the concept' of producing a daily devotional which would help people to connect with the Biblical Calendar, whether they are of Jewish or Gentile descent, and to bring out the meaning of the Feasts and Seasons of the Bible, focussing particularly on Yeshua (that's Hebrew for Jesus).

I began by creating charts for each month of the calendar, and with the help of Strong's Concordance, noted down where in the Bible the dates are mentioned. As I did this patterns emerged which I began to study. Some dates are mentioned many times, and other dates have no mention. 'In Time With God' is the fruit of this Bible study, and I have attempted to create a book which you can read through from beginning to end in a cohesive way, or that you can dip into, or that you can use to research topics for your own Bible-study. I trust that you will be as blessed reading it, as I was in my study and writing.

R K Bamber
June 2012